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R.G. 172
Correctional Photograph Archives Collection, ca. 1890 - 1980
1.8 cubic feet
1,000 Items
4 Boxes

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Correctional Photograph Archives
Photographs Series
William F. Bain Manuscript
Negatives Series

Introduction to the Correctional Photograph Archives

The Correctional photograph Archives Collection was originally assembled by William F. Bain, sometime in the 1960s and 1970s. Bain, a staff member from the American Correctional Association (ACA), worked in several state and federal prisons including, Northpoint, Kentucky and Chillicothe Correctional Institute in Ohio. Between 1975 and 1980 he trained guards for the Kentucky Bureau of Training, affiliated with Eastern Kentucky University. Bain's love of history and interest in prison systems inspired his collection. With the help of prison inmate and photographer David A. Kimberling, Bain put together a pictorial history of American prisons, published in 1983. Many photographs from the ACA Collection are reproduced in this book.

While at EKU, Bain donated the collection to Dr. Bruce Wolford, Professor of Correctional and Juvenile Justice, EKU College of Justice and Safety. Wolford, currently the Director of the Training Resource Center, gave the collection to EKU's Special Collections and Archives to be arranged, described and preserved. The collection has been housed in the archives since 1984. No deed of gift has been executed.

The collection contains over six hundred photographs and some three hundred and thirty negatives. The items span from the 1890s through the 1970s. Both American and foreign prisons are represented. The collections is open to all researchers and would be particularly helpful to those seeking information on daily prison life or the evolution of prison systems. The photographs exemplify the changing face of prison systems, from the old system of chains and rock piles to vocational education and other forms of rehabilitation. The collection also has several photographs from the federal prisons in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and would be an excellent source for researchers. Finally, the collection includes many photographs of women in prisons and would be helpful in a gender study of the American prison system.

Despite its great worth, the collection possesses several weaknesses. First, many of the photographs and negatives cannot be identified or their origins traced. Photographs of prisons in Japan, Cuba and Portugal are mysteriously intermingled with this predominately American collection. Secondly, while the collection dates from 1890 to 1980, some periods are better represented than others. The majority of photography were taken in the 1930s and 1970s. Few, if any, photographs from 1900 through 1929 appear in the collection. Many of the items are not dated. Finally, many of the photographs and negatives are damaged or brittle and should not be handled. One negative is in three pieces and some photographs will crumble with a touch.

Special Collections and Archives is indebted to Dr. Bruce Wolford for providing a grant to complete this project. Also, a special thanks is extended to Mrs. William Bain for providing biographical information on her late husband and a copy of his memoirs.

Correctional Photograph Series

Description: The photograph series consists of four boxes of black and white prints and several hundred negatives. The collection represents various American prisons, as well as some foreign institutions. Boxes one through three contain the prints with box four housing the negatives. The photographs have been sorted into broad categories from cell blocks to work details and arranged alphabetically. The following federal or state prisons: Atlanta, Auburn, Elmira and Sing Sing are part of the categories. All photographs are in acid-free folders, interleaved between acid-free paper and are numbered consecutively per folder. The negatives are also arranged alphabetically by category and individually numbered. They are preserved in mylar sleeves with acid-free paper between each sleeve.

Box 1
Folder 1 - Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, A1-1 through A1-2
A1-1: Dispensary
A1-2: Cell Block

Folder 2 - Auburn Prison, A2-1 through A2-22
A2-1: Outside of Prison (Front View)
A2-2: Outside of Prison (Back View)
A2-3: Old South Cell Hallway
A2-4: Swearing In of Mutual Welfare League Delegates
A2-5, A2-6: Mutual Welfare Meeting Adjourning (2)
A2-7: Cell Wall
A2-8: Auburn Prison from the Air
A2-9, A2-10 , A2-11 : Prisoners Dancing at Prison Ward Party(3)
A2-12, A2-13, A2-14: Prison Party Band (3)
A2-15: Prisoners Mingling at Prison Party
A2-16: Prison Party Breaking Up
A2-17: General Plan of Auburn Prison (1934)
A2-18: Cell Block (New South Wing, 1934)
A2-19: Old Cell #17 (Old South Wing, 1934)
A2-20: Row of Cells (Old South Wing, 1934)
A2-21: Double Deck Bed (1927)
A2-22: Front of Prison (Close Up)

Folder 3 - Cell Blocks, C1-1 through C1-27
C1-1, C1-2: Cell with Bucket and Tin Cup (Welfare Island Penitentiary, New York, 1924) (2)
C1-3: Folded Bedding after being Aired Out
C1-4: Cell with Bunk Bed (Joliet)
C1-5: Two Cells with Iron Beds and White Bedspreads
C1-6: Old Cell Door #6
C1-7: Row of Cells (Inside Convict Ship Success)
C1-8: Four Dark Cells Numbered 4-7
C1-9: Old Cell Corridor
C1-10: Old Cell Block
C1-11: Circular Cell Block (Cuba)
C1-12: Cell Block with Men in Hallway (Attica)
C1-13: Cell Corridor (Welfare Island, 1924)
C1-14: Cell Block
C1-15: Prison Corridor with Four Men Smoking
C1-16: Isolation Unit (Huntsville Texas)
C1-17: Cell Block with Fire Buckets (Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia)
C1-18: One of Four Cell Houses (Georgia)
C1-19: Pipes in Cell House Corridor (Indiana State Prison)
C1-20: "A" Block with 352 Cells (1946)
C1-21: West Cell Block (Central Prison, Raleigh)
C1-22: Two Pictures of Cells
C1-23: Portion of Cell Block (New Hampshire State Prison)
C1-24, C1-25: Cell Block with Doors Open on Right Side (2)
C1-26: Dark Cell Block with Two Guards
C1-27: Unidentified Cell Window

Folder 4 - Construction, C2-1 through C2-30
C2-1: Airplane with Hanger Built by Inmates (1944)
C2-2, C2-3: Large Concrete Building with Three Barred Windows (2)
C2-4: Tearing Down Small Building
C2-5: Reconstructing a Prison Flow
C2-6: Bricking a House
C2-7: House with Two Doors
C2-8: Laying Foundation (Main Building)
C2-9: Building Construction with Horses and Wagons
C2-10: Four Men Bricking a Building
C2-11: Lunchtime at Construction Site (1938)
C2-12: Wall Construction (Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 1890)
C2-13, C2-14: Construction Site with Crane and Outhouse (2)
C2-15, C2-16: Officials at Construction Sites (2)
C2-17: Men Building Inside Frame of House
C2-18: Five Men by a Cabin
C2-19: Men with Hats Standing Around Construction Site
C2-20: Bridge
C2-21: Man Working with Rock and Lumber
C2-22: Construction Site with Lumber in the Forefront
C2-23: Building with Three Rounded Sections
C2-24: Building with Grassy Yard
C2-25, C2-26: Building Brick Structure (2)
C2-27: Construction Camp (1915)
C2-28: Construction Camp with One Building
C2-29: Construction Site with Dump Truck
C2-30: Construction Site with Bus

Folder 5 - Corporal Punishment, C3-1 through C3-5
C3-1: Prisoners with Chains
C3-2: Men in Stockade (20th Century "Civilization")
C3-3, C3-4: Whipping Post, Chains, Ball and Chains, Implements (Convict Ship Success)
C3-5: Man in Chains and Grey Striped Suit (1916)

Folder 6 - Death House, D1-1 through D2-3
D1-1: Gas Chamber (Central Prison, Raleigh, North Carolina)
D1-2: Electric Chair (Captain Moore)
D1-3: Cell Block - Death House (New Jersey State Prison)

Folder 7 - Dining Areas, D2-1 through D2-19
D2-1: Dining Room with 18 Men Waiting
D2-2: Penitentiary of Puerto Rico Dining Room
D2-3, D1-4: Dining Room with Round Tables (New Prison Eastham, Texas) (2)
D2-5: Old Prison Dining Room with Wooden Tables and Benches)
D2-6: Christmas Dinner (Camp #8, Parchman Farm)
D2-7: Christmas Dinner (Camp #6, Parchman Farm)
D2-8: Mess Hall (Attica Prison)
D2-9: White Dining Room (Central Prison, Raleigh)
D2-10: Dining Room with American Flag and Inscription
D2-11: Vermont State Prison Dining Room
D2-12, D2-13: Modern Dining Facility with Mural (San Quentin Prison, 1955; From Correction Food Service Article, 1974), (2)
D2-14: Mess Hall (Georgia State Prison)
D2-15: Model Prison Evening Meal
D2-16, D2-17: Christmas Dinner (Parchman Farm) (2)
D2-18: Dining Room with Cakes and Pies
D2-19: Men Dining in Tent

Folder 8 - Dormitories D3-1 through D3-7
D3-1: Typical Dormitory (Georgia State Prison)
D3-2: Old Dormitory with Iron Beds
D3-3: Old Dormitory with Straw Beds and Wood Stoves
D3-4: Dormitory (Riker's Island)
D3-5, D3-6: Dormitory with Wooden Beds (2)
D3-7: Old Camp Dormitory (Angola)

Folder 9 - Elmira E1-1 through E1-55
E1-1: Typical Cell with Bed ( June 15, 1937)
E1-2: Book Binding E1-3: Cell Block with Two Beds (June 15, 1937)
E1-4: Elmira Classroom
E1-5: Confirmation Class (1937)
E1-6: Bath Room - Laundry Room and Bath House
E1-7: Brick Making Industry
E1-8: Machine Work
E1-9: Tailoring Class
E1-10: Tailor Department
E1-11, E1-12: Machinist Class (Men Looking at Camera) (2)
E1-13: Iron Work Class and Blacksmithing Work (1898)
E1-14, E1-15: Machinist Class (Men Working) (2)
E1-16, E1-17: Laundry Shops (2)
E1-18: Shoe Shop
E1-19: Elmira Prison with Fence (1947)
E1-20: State Meeting Committee of Correction (May 13, 1937)
E1-21: Mutual Training Department (1898)
E1-22, E1-23: Educational Classes (School of Letter Class) (2)
E1-24, E1-25, E1-26, E1-27, E1-28: Tailor Class (Men Sewing) (5)
E1-29: New Trade School Under Construction
E1-30, E1-31: New Shop (2)
E1-32: Baseball Game
E1-33: Silver Cup (1921)
E1-34: Physical Culture Class
E1-35: Gymnasium
E1-36: Elmira (Front View)
E1-37: New Spillway at Reservoir
E1-38: Old Laundry, Shops and Bath House After Fire
E1-39: Record Office (Men at Desks)
E1-40: Band in Formation
E1-41: Regiment with Swords and Flags (Sept., 1904)
E1-42: Shop
E1-43, E1-44, E1-45: Woodworking Class, 1898 (3)
E1-46, E1-47, E1-48, E1-49: Regiment Passing in Review (4)
E1-50: New Laundry, Shops and Bath House Under Construction
E1-51: New Domestic Building
E1-52: Front of Prison (Looking North)
E1-53, E1-54: Total Front View of Prison (2)
E1-55: Back View of Prison (Possibly Elmira?)

Folder 10 - Exhibit "Changing Faces, Common Walls" E2-1 through E1-9
E2-1, E2-2, E2-3, E2-4, E2-5, E2-6, E2-7: Group Photograph (9 Men, 1 Woman,Official Holding Hat) (7)
E2-8: Boys Making Brooms in Reform School
E2-9: State Penitentiary (Frankfort)

Box 2
Folder 11 - Farms and Farming F1-1 through F1-38
F1-1: Prison Diary with 50 Cows
F1-2: Harvest in Pea Field (Angola)
F1-3: Four Men in Pea Field
F1-4: Workhouse Farm Building
F1-5: Work in Farm Field
F1-6: Feeding Pigs on Prison Farm
F1-7: Pigs Running Toward Food
F1-8: Hay Field on Prison Farm (1932)
F1-9, F1-10: Corn Mill (Prison Farm) (2)
F1-11, F1-12: Prisoners Digging (Prison Farm) (2)
F1-13: Prisoners Walking (Prison Farm)
F1-14: Prisoners Standing by Mule Team (Prison Farm)
F1-15: Two Fields (Prison Farm)
F1-16, F1-17: Dairy Barn (2)
F1-18: Horse Barn
F1-19: Barn and New Cottage
F1-20: Boys Picking Potatoes
F1-21: Prisoners Planting Seed and Clearing Land
F1-22: Pig Pen (1938)
F1-23: Corn Husking
F1-24: Different Types of Fruits and Vegetables
F1-25, F1-26: Mule Barn, 1938 (2)
F1-27: Two Men Plowing with Horses
F1-28: Hay Stacking
F1-29: Two Men at Mill
F1-30: Mill
F1-31: Boys with Hogs
F1-32: Hay Field
F1-33: Ox Teams Plowing Snow
F1-34: Greenhouse (Kansas State Penitentiary, 1939)
F1-35, F1-36: Boys with Chickens (2)
F1-37: Tomato Field
F1-38: Empty Dairy Barn

Folder 12 - Graveyards G1-1 through G1-7
G1-1: Graveyard with Three Tattered Flags (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-2: Graveyard with Two Tattered Flags (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-3: Graveyard with Two Tattered Flags and Building (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-4: Graveyard Overlooking Prison (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-5: Dead Body in Field (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-6: One Unknown Grave (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio)
G1-7, G1-8: Cemetery Entrance (Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Ohio) (2)

Folder 13 - Hospitals H1-1 through H1-7
H1-1: Operating Room (1938)
H1-2: Hospital Room (Blackwell's Island)
H1-3: Lima State Hospital
H1-4: Tuberculous Ward #6 (100 Bed Capacity)
H1-5: Hospital Ward with Flowers
H1-6: Prison Hospital with Patients
H1-7: Sunflower Hospital (Mississippi State Penitentiary)

Folder 14 - Hound Dogs H2-1 through H2-2
H2-1: Four Dogs by Kennel
H2-2: Four Dogs by Fence

Folder 15 - Industry I1-1 through I1-16
I1-1: Finished Stacks, Jute Mill (San Quentin)
I1-2: Empty Machine Shop with Wooden Floor
I1-3: Wood Shop (Prisoners Making Chairs and Cabinets)
I1-4: Machine Shop with Six Men Working
I1-5: Machine Shop with Skylight (Belgium)
I1-6: Wood Shop (Men Working with Lumber)
I1-7: Wood Shop (Men Making Guitars)
I1-8: Machine Shop (Young Men in Striped Overalls)
I1-9: Empty Machine Shop
I1-10: Mattress Shop
I1-11: Ten Men in Machine Shop (Federal Reformatory - Chillicothe, Ohio, May 1, 1944)
I1-12: Granite Shop (Atlanta Federal Penitentiary)
I1-13: Chair Making Shop
I1-14: Men Leaning on Machines in Machine Shop
I1-15: Molasses Plant (Angola)
I1-16: Canning Plant (Angola)

Folder 16 - Inside of Prisons I2-1 through I2-43
I2-1, I2-2, I2-3: Orientation in Prison (3)
I2-4: Four New Men at Receiving Cell
I2-5: Four Men in the Shadows (Cell Corridor)
I2-6: Three New Men Preparing for Bath (1938)
I2-7: Barber Shop (1938)
I2-8: Men Dressing in Prison Clothing
I2-9: Two Men Signing Fingerprint Cards
I2-10: New Man Being Printed (1938)
I2-11: Black Men being Discharged (1938)
I2-12: Prisoner Recording Family History (1938)
I2-13: Prisoner Typing Record on New Man (1938)
I2-14: Penitentiary of Puerto Rico Photographer (1933)
I2-15, I2-16: New Man Being Photographed (1938) (2)
I2-17: Prisoners Working in Cell House Corridor
I2-18: Two Men Playing Cards
I2-19: Lever Cage in Rotunda (1938)
I2-20: Dietary Department Delivering Food (City Prison, Manhattan)
I2-21: Dietary Department
I2-22: Prisoners Assembling Ration Books (San Quentin, 1943)
I2-23: Cozy Cell (Beaks County Prison, Reading, Pennsylvania)
I2-24, I-25: Two Men with Headsets (San Quentin) (2)
I2-26: Padded Cell
I2-27: Latino Man in Cell (Penitentiary of Puerto Rico)
I2-28: Cell 1301
I2-29: Reception Room (Riker's Island)
I2-30: New Men Being Inoculated (1938)
I2-31: Examining Room
I2-32, I2-33: Examining Room for Tuberculous Patients (2)
I2-34, I2-35: New Prison Chapel (Eastham, Texas) (2)
I2-36: Back of New Chapel (Eastham, Texas)
I2-37: Chapel with Organ (Male Department)
I2-38, I2-39: Men Standing by Desk in Prison Hallway
I2-40, I2-41: Prisoner Making a Hooked Rug (Washington State Penitentiary) (2)
I2-42: Utility Corridor (County Jail)
I2-43: Dark Room with Black Posts

Folder 17 Kitchens K1-1 through K1-3
K1-1: Kitchen on Wheels
K1-2: Four Men in Typical Old Kitchen
K1-3: Kitchen (United States Penitentiary at Atlanta)

Folder 19 - Prison Officials O2-1 through O2-30
O1-1: Phil Hedges (Association Superintendent of Treatment, Chillicothe, Ohio)
O1-2: Clinton P. Duffy, Warden (San Quentin)
O1-3: The Loyal Press Printing, Ralph B. Itterlson
O1-4: Guest Editorial "Probation vs.Jail" Charles L. Chute
O1-5: Prison's Administrator
O1-6: Convention for Prison Officials
O1-7: Convention for Prison Officials (Women and Men Pictured)
O1-8: Displays at Prison Convention (Man with Leather Crafts)
O1-9: Helen Hironimus, Warden (Federal Reformatory for Women, Seagoville, Texas)
O1-10: Two Unidentified Prison Officials
O1-11: Picture of Different Wardens
O1-12, O1-13: Five Men from Federal Penitentiary Service (2)
O1-14: Guards Walking Down Toward Front Tower (1938)
O1-15: Warden Sanders with Motorbike and Prisoners
O1-16: Superintendent L.E. Lawes and Warden Schleth on a Ship
O1-17: Major Lawes and his Boys Posing
O1-18: Major Lawes and Boys Candid
O1-19: Major Lawes' Boys Watching Passing Ship Tall River
O1-20: Major Lawes and Boys Saluting a Passing Steamer
O1-21: Major Lawes' Boys on Upper Deck of Ship
O1-22: Unidentified Ceremony
O1-23, O1-24: Four Unidentified Men in a Car (2)
O1-25: Two Unidentified Men in a Car beside a Cornfield
O1-26: Unidentified Man with Uniformed Chauffeur
O1-27: Two Unidentified Men in a Car by a House
O1-28, O1-29: Unidentified Couple in Car with Three Women on a Bench (2)
O1-30: Letter from President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Folder 18 - Outsides of Prisons O1-1 through O1-75
O2-1: Federal Penitentiary (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
O2-2: Detroit House of Correction
O2-3: Maryland Penitentiary
O2-4: Charleston State Prison (1805)
O2-5: Attica Prison
O2-6: Brushy Mountain Prison (Tennessee)
O2-7: Indiana State Prison
O2-8: Construction Camp (1916)
O2-9: United States Penitentiary (Terra Haute, Indiana)
O2-10: California State Prison (San Quentin, 1920)
O2-11: New Hampshire State Prison
O2-12: New Hospital Building (New Hampshire State Prison)
O2-13: Berks County Prison (Reading, Pennsylvania)
O2-14: Baltimore Maryland Penitentiary
O2-15: Woodcut of San Quentin Prison
O2-16, O2-17: Unidentified Prison with Shrubs (2)
O2-18: Massachusetts Reformatory (1904)
O2-19: Massachusetts Reformatory (1878)
O2-20: Right Wing and Warden's House (Vermont State Prison)
O2-21: Allegheny County Workhouse
O2-22: Federal Correctional Institution (Latuna, Texas)
O2-23: Aerial View of Federal Correctional Institution (Latuna, Texas)
O2-24: Aerial View of New Jersey State Prison
O2-25: Manard Illinois (1957)
O2-26, O2-27: Aerial View of Minnesota State Prison (2)
O2-28: Aerial View of Cincinnati Workhouse (1940)
O2-29: North Carolina State Prison (1942)
O2-30: National Penitentiary, Cuba
O2-31: State Prison (Windsor, Vermont, 1900)
O2-32: Ohio Penitentiary Insane Asylum
O2-33: Penitentiary (Blackwell Island)
O2-34: Workhouse (Blackwell Island)
O2-35: Penitentiary of Puerto Rico
O2-36: Nagasaki Prison (Back View)
O2-37: Cuba's Penitentiary
O2-38: Navy Correction Program
O2-39: Ohio State Penitentiary (Columbus, Ohio, 1949)
O2-40: Jeffersonville Penitentiary
O2-41: State Farm (Bridgewater, Massachusetts)
O2-42: Penitentiary for Males (Welfare Island, 1924)
O2-43, O2-44: City Prison (New York City) (2)
O2-45: Stateville (Illinois State Penitentiary) with Warden Joe S. Ragen
O2-46: United States Penitentiary (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 1932)
O2-47: Japanese Prison (October 18, 1972)
O2-48, O2-49: Old Indiana State Penitentiary
O2-50: Drawing of Unidentified Prison (Aerial View)
O2-51: Unidentified Prison with Tower (Aerial View)
O2-52: Drawing of Unidentified Prison With Civilians (1926)
O2-53: State Prison (New Eastham, Texas)
O2-54: Unidentified Prison with Reflecting Pool
O2-55: Model of Eastham Farm, Texas
O2-56: Unidentified Prison with Man on Steps
O2-57: Unidentified Prison with Smoke Stack and Flag
O2-58: Unidentified Prison with Dirt Mound (Aerial View)
O2-59: Unidentified Prison with Water and Ship (Aerial View)
O2-60: Unidentified Landlocked Prison (Aerial View)
O2-61: Side View of Unidentified Prison
O2-62: Unidentified Prison with High Grass
O2-63: Sketch (Charleston, Massachusetts Prison, 1894)
O2-64: Unidentified City Prison in Downtown Area
O2-65: Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (Aerial View)
O2-66: Unidentified Prison Surrounded by Water on Three Sides
O2-67: Side View of Unidentified Prison with Five Spindly Trees
O2-68: Side View of Unidentified Prison with Smoke Stack
O2-69: Old Workhouse in New York (Built in 1857)
O2-70: Attica Under Construction (1930)
O2-71: Drawing of Unidentified Prison on Cliff
O2-72: Unidentified Tall Prison with Double Doors
O2-73: Side View of Unidentified Prison with Basement
O2-74: Side View of Unidentified Prison with Grassy Yard
O2-75: Federal Reformatory with Airplanes and Cars (Chillicothe, Ohio, 1944)

Folder 20 - Recreation R1-1 through R1-43
R1-1: Correctional Recreation Workshop
R1-2: Unidentified Man with Trumpet
R1-3: Football Game (1938)
R1-4: Talent Show (1938)
R1-5: Texas Juvenile Training School Band
R1-6: The Band
R1-7: Two Men Playing a Recreational Table Game
R1-8: Volleyball Game (Eastham, Texas, 1957)
R1-9: Baseball Game
R1-10: Intramural Band (Maryland Penitentiary)
R1-11: Basketball Game (Jackson, Michigan Prison, 1937)
R1-12, R1-13: Marching Band (2)
R1-14: Orchestra (1938)
R1-15: Inmate Junior Basketball Team
R1-16: Baseball Game (The Bleachers)
R1-17: Baseball Game
R1-18: New York State Reformatory Baseball Team
R1-19: Football Game (1938)
R1-20: Self Defense Class
R1-21: Negro Reformatory Band (1914)
R1-22: Orchestra (1938)
R1-23: Football Game
R1-24: Gym with Goals and Net (Eastham, Texas, 1957)
R1-25: Marching Band on Dirt Road
R1-26: Correctional Recreation Workshop
R1-27: Prison Band (Utah State Prison, 1938)
R1-28: Texas State Juvenile Training School Band
R1-29: Track Meet (Men at the Starting Line)
R1-30: Track Meet (Runners Rounding the Bend)
R1-31: Track Meet (Down the Stretch)
R1-32, R1-33: Bowling (2)
R1-34: Baseball Team
R1-35: Football Game (Inmates VS Outsiders, 1938)
R1-36: Marching Band Comes to Town
R1-37: Sports Spectators
R1-38: Baseball Game with Spectators
R1-39: Boxing Match Spectators (1938)
R1-40: Model Planes built by San Quentin Inmates (Probably for the War Effort - 1940s)
R1-41: Baseball Game (Stateville Illinois)
R1-42: Men Climbing Rope

Box 3
Folder 21 - Road Gangs R2-1 through R2-4
R2-1: Prisoners Constructing a Road
R2-2: Road Construction (State Highway)
R2-3, R2-4: Digging a New Road (Utah State Prison, 1939)

Folder 22 - Rock Quaries R3-1 through R3-12
R3-1, R3-2, R3-3: Land Conservation (3)
R3-4: Rock Removal with Wheelbarrows
R3-5: State Rock Quarry
R3-6: Stone Cutting (Missouri Intermediate Reformatory, 1939)
R3-7: Rock Pile (Men in Stripes) R3-8: Four Men at Rock Pile
R3-9: Stone Breaking
R3-10: Digging Rock
R3-11: Stone Crushing Plant
R3-12: Crushed Rock Department (New Hampshire State Prison)

Folder 23 - Sing Sing S1-1 through S1-32
S1-1: Old Cell Blocks (In Use Since 1825)
S1-2, S1-3: Visiting Room, 1940 (2)
S1-4: Visiting Room, 1939
S1-5: Outer Wall of Cell House
S1-6: Clothing Shop, 1898
S1-7: Cell Block with One Prisoner Standing
S1-8: Cell Block with One Prisoner Sitting
S1-9: Cell Corridor
S1-10: View of Old Cell Block
S1-11: Sing Sing Operating Room
S1-12: Sing Sing's Wall
S1-13: Sing Sing (Aerial View)
S1-14: Typical Cell at Sing Sing
S1-15: Old Cell Block with Prisoner and Guard
S1-16: Side View of Sing Sing (1932)
S1-17: Shop Buildings (East End View)
S1-18: Outer Wall of Cell House
S1-19: Clothing Department, 1898
S1-20: Cell House (West Side View)
S1-21: Wall Building
S1-22: Wall Cutting
S1-23: Sing Sing (Aerial View)
S1-24: Shop Buildings
S1-25: Cell House (Outer Wall)
S1-26: Toilet Buckets
S1-27, S1-28: Unloading Coal Barges (2)
S1-29: Old Cell Block (November 5, 1945)
S1-30: Black Prisoner at Parole Board Meeting (1972)
S1-31: Poster Display
S1-32: Model and Poster Display

Folder 24 - Toilets T1-1 through T1-11
T1-1: Sink and Toilet
T1-2: Buckets Used as Chamber Pots
T1-3, T1-4: Four Toilets (2)
T1-5: Sink and Toilet in Jail Cell (New Jersey State Prison)
T1-6: Shower Room (Angola)
T1-7: One Toilet in Cell (Indiana State Prison)
T1-8: One Clean Sink and Toilet (New Hampshire State Prison)
T1-9: Bucket Brigade (1924)
T1-10, T1-11: Toilet Buckets (2)

Folder 25 - Transportation T2-1 through T2-6
T2-1: Prison Wagon
T2-2: Truck with Open Bed
T2-3: Truck with Closed Bed
T2-4: The Success - Prison Ship (1907)
T2-5: Prisoners Transferring Trains at Jersey City (Close Up View)
T2-6: Prisoners Transferring Trains at Jersey City (Long View)

Folder 26 - Unidentified Houses and Buildings U1-1 through U1-9
U1-1: Administration Building (Meditation Rooms)
U1-2: Superintendent's Residence (Parchman, Mississippi)
U1-3: Barn and House with Two Men in a Field
U1-4: Three Boys Walking by Stone House
U1-5: Two Women on Porch of Large Brick House with Columns
U1-6: Mixed Crowd Outside a White House
U1-7: Building on City Street with Horses and Buggies
U1-8: Row of White Buildings with View of Water
U1-9: Log Structure

Folder 27 - Unidentified People U2-1 through U2-19
U2-1: Prisoners Two by Two in Marching Order
U2-2: State Cadet Battalion on the March
U2-3, U2-4: Black Youth as Newcomer and Parolee (2)
U2-5: Confirmation Class - Men with Priests (Elmira)
U2-6: The Puppy Mascots
U2-7: Men and Boys at Car (Candid)
U2-8, U2-9: Men and Boys at Car (Posed)
U2-10: New Men Being Received at Institution (1938)
U2-11: Officer Checking Gun in at Tower (1938)
U2-12, U2-13: Prisoners Coming up Walk from Tower, 1938 (2)
U2-14: New Men Being Shaken Down at Front Door (1938)
U2-15: Deputy Sheriff Handing Commitment to Deputy Warden (1938)
U2-16: Unidentified Regiment Marching
U2-17: Armed Guards Beside Prison Administration Building (Oklahoma State Prison, 1938)
U2-18: Armed Guards on Steps (Oklahoma State Prison)
U2-19: Prisoners in Stripes and New Grey Uniforms

Folder 28 - Visitation V1-1 through V1-5
V1-1: Attorney General Francis Biddle Visiting Atlanta Penitentiary (January 28, 1942)
V1-2: Women Visitors
V1-3: New Visiting Booths
V1-4: Visitors from the Congress of Correction (1958)
V1-5: Visitor with a Band

Folder 29 - Vocational Classes V2-1 through V2-15
V2-1: Finishing Department at Shoe Factory
V2-2: Chair Making Shop
V2-3: Painter Class
V2-4: Upholstery Class (December 31, 1903)
V2-5: Vocational Class (Men Reading)
V2-6: AMIDS Class (1972-1973)
V2-7: Art Class
V2-8: Prison School (New Jersey State Prison)
V2-9: Drafting School
V2-10, V2-11: Lettering Office (2)
V2-12: Wood Working
V2-13: Boat Construction (Stateville, Illinois, 1957)
V2-14: Hat Making (Penitentiary of Puerto Rico)
V2-15: Upholstery Class (Chairs Only)

Folder 30 - Weapons W1-1 through W1-4
W1-1: Knives and Pipes
W1-2: Three Knives and Two Puncture Items
W1-3: Six Weapons Including Knives and Puncture Items
W1-4: Knives, One Gun, Puncture Items and Pipes

Folder 31 - Women's Prisons W2-1 through W2-34
W2-1: New Detention House for Women
W2-2: Female Ward and the Pet Crow
W2-3: Female Ward (1938)
W2-4: New Women's Division (Georgia State Prison)
W2-5: Reformatory for Women (Sherborn, Massachusetts)
W2-6: Administration Building (Virginia Ind. Farm for Women)
W2-7, W2-8: Women Sleeping (New York House of Detention) (2)
W2-9: Woman Jailor
W2-10: Women Prisoners Working on Farm
W2-11: Three Black Women (New York House of Detention)
W2-12: Staff House (Virginia Ind. Farm for Women)
W2-13: Woman Prisoner Feeding Chicken
W2-14: Wisconsin Prison for Women (1942)
W2-15, W2-16: Women Prisoners Dancing Around May Pole (West Virginia Industrial Home for Girls, 1938) (2)
W2-17: Group of Old Camp Buildings for Women
W2-18: Six Women Keeping Warm (1954)
W2-19: Women Prisoners in Laundry Room
W2-20: Sewing Room at Women's Camp (Angola)
W2-21: Women's Dining Room (1938)
W2-22: New York House of Detention
W2-23: Nursery (Reformatory Prison for Women, Sherborn, Massachusetts, 1904)
W2-24: Female Inmate's Cell (1938)
W2-25: Female Prisoners Harvesting Corn
W2-26: Dining Room (Reformatory Prison for Women, Sherborn, Massachusetts)
W2-27: Three Women Prisoners Sewing and Guard (1938)
W2-28, W2-29: Nine Women with Blanket (Sewing Department, 1938) (2)
W2-30: Seven Women Baking (Reformatory Prison for Women, Sherborn, Massachusetts)
W2-31: Female Ward Commissary (1938)
W2-32: Women in Snow
W2-33: Women's Sewing Class (Prison Aid Society)
W2-34: Women in Prison Yard

Folder 32 - Work Details W3-1 through W3-17
W3-1: Conservation Work (Eleven Men Planting Trees)
W3-2: Land Conservation (with Official and Car)
W3-3: Work Crew Walking by Rails (Utah State Prison, 1938)
W3-4: Scow Loaded with Ashes and Refuse (Riker's Island, 1924)
W3-5: Scow Tied up to Pier (Riker's Island, 1924)
W3-6: Unloading Site with Junk and Debris (Riker's Island, 1924)
W3-7, W3-8: Men Digging (Conservation) (2)
W3-9, W3-10: Men Working with Lumber at White House (2)
W3-11, W3-12: Men in Yard with Wheelbarrows, 1938 (2)
W3-13, W3-14, W3-15: Men with Wheelbarrows and Men with Pickaxes in Ditch (3)
W3-16: Brickyard (Kansas State Prison)
W3-17: Yard Maintenance (Utah State Prison, 1938)

Folder 33 - Prison Yards Y1-1 through Y1-14
Y1-1: Celebration in Prison Yard
Y1-2: Sunday in the Yard
Y1-3: View of Prison Yard through Bars
Y1-4: Line Up in Prison Yard
Y1-5: Empty Prison Yard
Y1-6: Prisoners Running Through Prison Yard
Y1-7: Military Drill in Prison Yard
Y1-8, Y1-9: Prisoners in Prison Yard (2)
Y1-10: Yard with Men in White (1938)
Y1-11: Unidentified Prison Yard
Y1-12: Men at Work in the New Yard (1938)

Folder 34 - Copy Negatives of Damaged Photographs

Folder 35 - "Forty Years In This Business Called Corrections" - Memoir by William E. Bain, 1988

Box 4
Negative Folder 1 - Construction NC1-1 through NC1-19
NC1-1: Lumber with Fenced Enclosure
NC1-2: Men Building House Frame
NC1-3: Shed in Field NC1-4: Blocks of Bricks
NC1-5: Half Built House
NC1-6, NC1-7: Man Bricking a House (2)
NC1-8: Rock and Lumber Inside Building
NC1-9: Lumber and Debris Outside Apartment
NC1-10: Men Working on Steel Beams
NC1-11: Men Inside Frame Working on Steel Beams
NC1-12: Piles of Lumber
NC1-13: Men Building Bridge
NC1-14: Construction Site
NC1-15: Men Standing Near Beams
NC1-16: Men in Stripes Hauling Lumber
NC1-17: Men in Hats Working
NC1-18: Pipes and Lumber
NC1-19: Building Under Construction (Men Working in Frame)

Negative Folder 2 - Corporal Punishment NC2-1 through NC2-4
NC2-1: Three Men in Stripes and Chains
NC2-2: One Man in Stripes and Chains
NC2-3: Three Chained Men with Pickaxes
NC2-4: Three Men in Stripes and Chains

Negative Folder 3 - Dining Rooms ND1-1 through ND1-6
ND1-1: Christmas Dinner (Parchman Farm)
ND1-2: Men Sitting at Tables
ND1-3: Long Tables with Bowls
ND1-4: Wooden Tables with Jars (Old Prison Dining Room)
ND1-5: Two Men with Cakes and Pipes (Christmas Dinner - Camp #6, Parchman Farm)
ND1-6: Wooden Tables and Benches with White Plates and Bowls

Negative Folder 4 - Dogs ND2-1 through ND2-2
ND2-1: Four Hound Dogs
ND2-2: White Dog with Black Face

Negative Folder 5 - Dormitories ND3-1 through ND3-3
ND3-1: Wooden Bunk Beds
ND3-2: Open Door with Bed
ND3-3: Dormitory with Wood Stove (Possible Portugal)

Negative Folder 6 - Farms/Farming NF1-1 through NF1-15
NF1-1: Two Men with Mule and Wagon at Grain Bin
NF1-2: Pigs and Piglets
NF1-3: Field
NF1-4: Boys Gathering Potatoes
NF1-5: Men Resting in Field
NF1-6: Plowed Field with House in Background
NF1-7: Four Men Working with Hay
NF1-8: Two Boys with Crate
NF1-9: Pigs Running Toward Food
NF1-10: Man Feeding Chickens
NF1-11: Men with Hats Hoeing
NF1-12: Grain Bin
NF1-13: Boys in Mule Drawn Wagon
NF1-14: Man on Knees in Field
NF1-15: Men Hoeing

Negative Folder 7 - Graveyards NG1-1 through NG1-9
NG1-1: Cemetery with Crosses
NG1-2: Unidentified Gate (Possible Cemetery)
NG1-3: Tombstones
NG1-4: Unknown Grave (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)
NG1-5: Tombstones with Two Flags Near Building (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)
NG1-6: Tombstones with Three Flags (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)
NG1-7: Cemetery with Four White Markers in Forefront (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)
NG1-8: Two Markers with Flags (Close Up View) (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)
NG1-9: Cemetery Entrance (Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Ohio)

Negative Folder 8 - Inside of Prisons NI1-1 through NI1-63
NI1-1: Men in Classroom
NI1-2: Poster - Listing Rules and Ideas
NI1-3: Poster - Listing Counties and Work Details
NI1-4: Man in Gymnasium
NI1-5: Cell with Pictures of Girls
NI1-6: Man in Kitchen
NI1-7: Room with Cakes and Pies
NI1-8: Cell #1301
NI1-9: Cells Draped with Blankets
NI1-10: Poster - Listing Costs (Sing Sing)
NI1-11: Three Windows
NI1-12: Poster - Promoting Work
NI1-13: Poster about Tramps
NI1-14: Four Men in Shadows
NI1-15: Cell Block with Stove
NI1-16: Cell Block under Construction
NI1-17: Men Huddled Between Cells
NI1-18: Poster - A Parole Board
NI1-19: Two Men in Shadows
NI1-20: Cell with Stool and Two Buckets
NI1-21: Cell with Iron Bunk
NI1-22: Cell Block with Sunlight
NI1-23: Cell Block with Three Tiers
NI1-24: Man on a Bench
NI1-25: Dark Cell with Wooden Bed
NI1-26: Cell with Rolled Up Bedding
NI1-27: Cell Block with Cracked Shiny Floor
NI1-28: Dark Room with Tables and Black Posts
NI1-29: Poster - Prison Yards (New York State)
NI1-30: Prison Orientation
NI1-31: Four Open Cell Doors
NI1-32: Open Cell with Draped Blankets
NI1-33: Cell Door
NI1-34: Tunnel NI1-35: Cell Block
NI1-36, NI1-37: Cell #16 (Edwards 3214) (2)
NI1-38: Poster - Success and Parole
NI1-39: Padded Cell
NI1-40: Poster (New York Counties)
NI1-41: Man with Cards in Cell Block
NI1-42: Dorm with Bunk Beds
NI1-43: Dorm with Neat Beds
NI1-44: Dark Cell Block
NI1-45: Cell Block with Spittoons
NI1-46: Cells #12 and #13
NI1-47: Cell Hallway with Pipes
NI1-48: Men Sitting at Tables and Leaning Over Balcony
NI1-49: Cell Block with Stairway
NI1-50: Dark Cell Block
NI1-51: Cell #34
NI1-52: "A" Block with 352 Cells (1946)
NI1-53: Two Officials (?) in Hallway
NI1-54: Dietary Department Delivering Food (City Prison, Manhattan)
NI1-55: Dietary Department
NI1-56: Six Women Keeping Warm (1954)
NI1-57: Two Women Sleeping (New York House of Detention)
NI1-58: Poster - "A Prison Warden"
NI1-59: Inside of Prison Under Construction
NI1-60: Men with Machinery
NI1-61: Three Black Women (New York House of Detention)
NI1-62: Cell Window with Sunlight
NI1-63: Hallway

Negative Folder 9 - Prison Officials NO1-1 through NO1-20
NO1-1: Man with Car and Chauffeur
NO1-2: Men with Top Hats
NO1-3: Couple in Rocking Chairs
NO1-4: Men with Swords Walking Down Cobbled Street
NO1-5: Men Getting into Car
NO1-6: Family of Four
NO1-7: Man in Car at Corner
NO1-8: Two Men in a Car
NO1-9: Saluting Men Walking Toward Crowd
NO1-10: Uniformed Men Walking Toward Fountain
NO1-11: Man Leaning on Gate
NO1-12: Family in Straight Backed Chairs
NO1-13: Group Photograph with Women on Right
NO1-14: Group Photograph with Women on Left
NO1-15: Three Men, One Woman in Car with Chauffeur Checking Tire
NO1-16: Major Lawes' Boys Watching Passing Ship The Tall River
NO1-17: Major Lawes' Boys with Packs
NO1-18: Major L.E. Lawes and his Boys Posing
NO1-19: Chauffeur and Man in Car at a Corner
NO1-20: Major Lawes and his Boys (Candid)

Negative Folder 10 - Outsides of Prisons NO2-1 through NO2-54
NO2-1: City Prison (Portugal?)
NO2-2: Side View of Prison with Grassy Yard
NO2-3: City Prison (New York)
NO2-4: Side View of Prison with Canal
NO2-5: Unidentified City Prison
NO2-6: Stone Prison (Side View)
NO2-7: Men Walking Between Prison and Canal
NO2-8: Prison Buildings with Roofs Under Construction
NO2-9: Rooftops and Three People (Aerial View)
NO2-10: Building with Man in Car and Man Standing in Yard
NO2-11: Three Buildings and Two Guards Walking (Aerial View)
NO2-12: Three Barracks with Two Men in Hats
NO2-13: Prison with Smoke Stack
NO2-14: Side View of Prison with Grassy Yard
NO2-15: Prison with Slit Windows
NO2-16: Prison Under Construction
NO2-17: Women with Suitcase Passing Prison
NO2-18: Guard at Unfinished Jail
NO2-19: Prison with Long Windows
NO2-20: Prison with Grass and Rocks
NO2-21: House of Detention for Women (New York)
NO2-22: Prison with Boat Dock and Smoke Stacks
NO2-23: Side View of Prison near Garage
NO2-24: Prison with Smoke Stacks
NO2-25: Prison with Stonewall
NO2-26: Prison with Stonewall
NO2-27: Prison with Wooden Fence
NO2-28: Three Men at Prison Door
NO2-29: Rooftop of Prison
NO2-30: Prison and Two Houses
NO2-31: Prison with White Railing
NO2-32: Prison with a Pond
NO2-33: State Prison Resembling Castle
NO2-34: City Prison Under Construction
NO2-35: Side of Prison with Wooden Fence
NO2-36: City Prison with Two Trucks on Street
NO2-37: Brick Prison with Basement
NO2-38: Junkyard behind City Prison
NO2-39: Dirt Road of Prison
NO2-40: Prison from the Sea
NO2-41: Prison and Barn
NO2-42: Man Strolling by Prison
NO2-43: Side of City Prison with Downtown Crowd
NO2-44: Prison with Two Cars
NO2-45: Front of Prison
NO2-46: Prison with Five Small Trees and White Dog
NO2-47: Prison with Five Windows and Smoke Stack
NO2-48: Dirt Road Leading to Prison
NO2-49: Prison Under Construction
NO2-50: Prison Under Construction (Close Up View)
NO2-51: Side of Prison with Clothes on Line
NO2-52: Brick Prison (Showing Eight Windows)
NO2-53: Men and Boys at Climbing Ropes in Front of Prison
NO2-54: Outdoor Scene with Corral and Railroad Tracks

Negative Folder 11 - Recreation NR1-1 through NR1-13
NR1-1: Men Running Across Field
NR1-2: Race
NR1-3: Men Strolling Along Road
NR1-4: Men Strolling in Yard
NR1-5: Mutual Welfare League Party - Men at Tubs (Auburn)
NR1-6: Mutual Welfare League Party - Man Accepts Silver Cup (Auburn)
NR1-7: Baseball Game
NR1-8: Marching Band
NR1-9: Men Strolling in Uncrowded Yard
NR1-10: Men Strolling in Crowded Yard
NR1-11: Mutual Welfare League Party - Prisoners Mingling (Auburn)
NR1-12: Men on Horses and Bikes by Water
NR1-13: Man Strolling Down Walkway in Nature

Negative Folder 12 - RockQuarries NR2-1 through NR2-16
NR2-1: Land Construction with Two Cranes and Tracks
NR2-2: Men in Stripes Working in Quarry
NR2-3: Four Men and a Mule in Rocky Field
NR2-4: Men Working on Road
NR2-5: Four Men Digging Rock
NR2-6: Quarry with Building in View
NR2-7: Men at Rock Wall
NR2-8: Loading Rock on Conveyor Belt
NR2-9: Quarry
NR2-10: Men in Stripes at Quarry with Tracks
NR2-11: Rock Road
NR2-12: Men Digging Rock Overlooking Water
NR2-13: Blocks of Rock
NR2-14: Piles of Rock by Fence
NR2-15: Five Men at Rock Pile
NR2-16: Two Men Working on Snowy Cliff

Negative Folder 13 - Toilets NT1-1 through NT1-12
NT1-1: Two Buckets
NT1-2: Four Grungy Toilets
NT1-3: Shower Room (Angola)
NT1-4: Clean Sink and Toilet (New Hampshire State Prison)
NT1-5: Sink and Toilet Built into Wall
NT1-6: Solitary Cell (Indiana State Penitentiary)
NT1-7: Cell with Sink, Toilet and Rolled Up Bedding
NT1-8: Toilet Bowl
NT1-9: Row of Buckets
NT1-10: Cell with Corner Sink and Toilet Built into Wall
NT1-11: Toilet Built into Wall
NT1-12: Cell with Sink, Stool on Bunk, Toilet Built into Wall

Negative Folder 14 - Transportation NT2-1 through NT2-4
NT2-1: Prison Wagon
NT2-2: Wagon with Men in Tents
NT2-3: Locomotive and Crew
NT2-4: Prisoners Transferring Trains (Jersey City)

Negative Folder 15 - Unidentified Houses and Buildings NU1-1 through NU1-15
NU1-1: Man Standing by Car and White House
NU1-2: Ladders Against Large House
NU1-3: Stone Building
NU1-4: House, Field and Stone Building
NU1-5: Several Houses in the Country
NU1-6: House with Porch and Cats
NU1-7: Het Groote Woudhuis
NU1-8: Several Houses in Country with Cloudy Sky
NU1-9: Houses in German Style
NU1-10: Rooftop
NU1-11: Ornate Side of House
NU1-12: Building with Tent and Laundry on the Line
NU1-13: Several Barns
NU1-14: Het Groote Woudhuis from the Side
NU1-15: Two Large Houses

Negative Folder 16 - Unidentified People NU2-2 through NU2-25
NU2-1: Man Having Picnic
NU2-2: Couple on Bench
NU2-3: The Puppy Mascots
NU2-4: Dead Man in Field (Chillicothe Correctional Institution)
NU2-5: Crowd at Train Station
NU2-6: Sea Captain on Deck
NU2-7: Men Leaning out Train Windows to See Puppy Mascots
NU2-8: Two Ladies and Man at White Columned House
NU2-9: Eleven Men and One Woman at Brick House
NU2-10: Crowd in Road by Car
NU2-11: Crowd Among Flags
NU2-12: Four Uniformed Men and Women in White Walking
NU2-13: Men and Boys at Locomotive
NU2-14: Crowd with Flags on Cobbled Street
NU2-15: Two Men with Hats
NU2-16: Band with Crowd at Railroad Tracks
NU2-17: Mixed Crowd Watching for Unknown People or Parade
NU2-18: Uniformed Men and Woman in White (Ministry Building)
NU2-19: Uniformed Men and Woman in White (Ministry Building)
NU2-20: Ladies in Hats with Umbrellas
NU2-21: Five Reporters in Stands
NU2-22: Prisoners in Stripes in a Line
NU2-23: Several Men on a Bench
NU2-24: Crowd at Fountain
NU2-25: Young Woman in Chair

Negative Folder 17 - Work Details NW1-1 through NW1-18
NW1-1: Five Men Digging
NW1-2: Seven Men with Shovels and Man in Vest
NW1-3: Men Walking into Woods
NW1-4: Men Pulling Wagons
NW1-5: Men on Dock
NW1-6: Man in Truck with Debris
NW1-7: Men with Wheelbarrows
NW1-8: Men Logging
NW1-9: Double Exposure (Indoor/Outdoor Scene)
NW1-10: Men in Stripes Digging
NW1-11: Man Burning Sticks
NW1-12: Man Sawing Wood
NW1-13: Four Men with Waterhose
NW1-14: Men and Women Gardening
NW1-15: Men Digging (Conservation)
NW1-16: Four Men with Tools at Shed
NW1-17: Man with Wheelbarrow in Front of Stone Building
NW1-18: Men on Porch at Logging Site

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