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The Special Collections and Archives Section of the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Library and the Department of Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies at EKU are extremely interested in adding to our growing Correctional Photo Archives (CPA). This collection is being preserved permanently under optimal archival storage and security conditions, and, of course, is eminently accessible through the CPA web site. Aside from the collection s research potential, it is a great source for instructional use in the classroom.

If you possess or know of an individual or organization which might have interesting photographs or other visual images that capture American correctional history please send inquires to Special Collections and Archives or the Department of Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies.

The CPA provides several options for the donation of photographs:
(The links below are to .pdf forms which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have the reader click here for a free download.)

  1. An outright donation to Eastern Kentucky University including copyright and literary rights.
  2. An agreement of deposit whereby the depositor still maintains copyright and literary rights.

Before receiving any donation it is urged that the donor attempt as best possible to secure complete copyright control of any image(s). Special Collections and Archives will not assume responsibility for copyright infringement on any item which has been donated to the CPA.

In addition to accepting donations of images and related materials which document the history of corrections to the CPA, Special Collections and Archives has established a separate account for financial contributions to the Archives.

We strongly encourage your donations which are vital to recognizing the important role corrections and justice have played in American history.